The Magic Mooncat
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Compelling Hull saga
Centred around war-torn Hull and rural Lincolnshire, this compelling perceptive saga examines the oft-neglected distress of wartime evacuees. Hannah Flyn, aged nine, is forced to leave her family in September 1941, to live with two extremely different families, both of which have a dramatic affect upon her life and development.

Desperately unhappy and homesick, she survives by immersing herself in a fantasy world with predestination dreams which compensate for her feelings of injustice, rejection and a longing for familiar surroundings. The significant appearance of a strange old woman introduces Hannah into a world of enchantment, mystery and the magic mooncat.

After enduring a catalogue of personal traumas Hannah returns to her native Hull to begin a teaching career, the description of which reflects the author's obvious experience in this profession and is reminiscent of the evocative writings of "Miss Read".

Convincing characters, intriguing situations and a captivating storyline combine to make this a thoroughly recommendable novel. John Weller

From the Hull Daily Mail


Lois Fenn at the Award for best Fiction 2003/04. Writers' Mag.

Cobwebs in Time

"Readers of the Magic Mooncat will be delighted at this sequel. For those who wondered what happened to Hannah, here is the answer, and for those who have yet to read the Magic Mooncat, this book is utterly enchanting in its own right."
Ann Widdecombe

“Holds one’s attention from beginning to end… a superb sequel to The Magic Mooncat… such depth of feeling bringing the characters to life.”
Sue Hodge
(Mimi, in Allo Allo)